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Creating Unforgettable Moments  

Hand of God - Mano de Dios
Incepted by a beautiful friendship, rekindled and a shared love for a magnificent country brimming with beauty and unparalleled cultural wealth. Etched deep within one's memories, will be the rustic and diverse landscapes of Argentina.  She proudly boasts majestic steep mountains, lush vegetation, extremely harsh deserts, sparkling crystalline glaciers and breathtakingly majestic waterfalls. Our wines are meant to evoke this sense of Shangrila: The mystery, it's magic, it's history, from the soil, to the waters, to the skies and the glorious sun - an incredible terroir you can taste on your tongue and feel deeply down within your heart.

Mano de Dios was our desired name as it was an unforgettable moment in Argentine history with their Victorious 1986 World Cup, a moment cherished, relished and shared in families, friendships and most certainly, our unsurpassed wines.

What Inspires HAND OF GOD?
Our inspiration stems from many things, seen and unseen.  We collaborate with those who are passionate about their senses:  what they do, see, feel, hear, smell and taste. Cuisines, Travels, Imaginations, Kindness, Natural Environments and Remarkably Extraordinary Moments, Indescribable, Inspire Us.

Why Mendoza, Argentina?
Situated in the central-west region of Argentina is the Cuyo Region, home to the tallest peak outside of Asia, Mount Aconcagua, and one of the world's most productive grape growing region.

How does HAND OF GOD Inspire You?
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